Connection Cloud Back Up

Ok, so my last post was a little premature. I was able to modify the source code to get Connection Cloud back up and running! If you use Facebook, I always appreciate individuals trying out my applications (such as Connection Cloud) and giving me feedback.

Connection Cloud Back Thumb

A snapshot of my social network on Facebook.  Red circles are girls, Blue circles are boys, and Black circles are undefined (i.e., the individual’s privacy settings disallow 3rd party information acquisition)

5 thoughts to “Connection Cloud Back Up”

  1. The application is great to see how different groups of friends work, school, groups etc… would it be possible to port it to LinkedIn.


  2. Dude, you are my hero – electronics, graphs, PIC16F88! 🙂
    You have inspired a great lust in me with that cheap serial GPS reciever.
    About the graph in the picture – how much time did it take to plot it (I suppose you used graphviz for drawing?) and how many nodes are there in fact?

    Warm regards,

  3. Hey – connection cloud was one of my favourite apps on facebook and I just noticed that it’s not there anymore. What happened?

  4. Seems Connection Cloud is no more again 🙁 It looks like it was very nice. I’m giving Friend Graph a try, but it’d be nice to be able to check out Connection Cloud too.

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