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I’ve switched hosting providers, so I am currently transitioning my blog from the old provider to the new one. There are a number of broken links and a number of issues that I am trying to resolve (specifically with my old folder organization structure for JAL code), but hopefully this will all be cleaned up soon!

426 - Upgrade Required

Update 01/09/2012: Still slowly transitioning the old posts to WordPress. Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way (that I am aware of) to convert my old static-page format into the dynamic WordPress format, meaning that I have to upload each image individually and fix the code in the posts. So, unfortunately, it’s taking longer than I would prefer. In addition, I have been transitioning from YouTube to locally hosted videos, but unfortunately, that has been a battle as well. So, things are in a bit of disarray at this point, but will get better soon (I promise!).

Update 02/29/2012: Ok, done! (I hope…)

200 - OK

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