Repel DEET Numbers Game

Repel produces a number of DEET products intended to scare away those little flying buggers that seem to be everywhere on these warm summer nights. While walking through my local Target, I noticed that there were varying concentrations available for purchase at my local store (please excuse the hand-held photos):

23% DEET 40% DEET 100% DEET

After looking a bit closer at the labels though, I noticed something peculiar in the “Active Ingredient” list…

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Life of a Graduate Student

I have been neglecting for sometime now, but fear not! I will post new projects shortly as I try to dig through the comments.  My time has been split between coursework (which is diminishing), research, and teaching.  As I send revisions of papers back and forth with my advisor, I will devote time to updating the site.  In the meantime, here are 3 videos demonstrating aftereffects that I created for my sensation and perception lab:

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Representation of variance in perceptual attributes

I’ve updated my Resume webpage with a citation for a poster I presented on pilot work that I conducted at Rutgers University with Dr. Manish Singh and presented at this year’s Fall Cognitive Festival at Rutgers University:

Cholewiak, S.A., & Singh, M. (2008, September). Representation of variance in perceptual attributes. Poster session presented at the 1st Annual Rutgers Fall Cognitive Festival, New Brunswick, NJ.

Haptic identification and information transfer of stiffness and force magnitude

I’ve updated my Resume webpage with a citation for another poster I presented on work that I conducted with Dr. Tan and presented at this year’s Perceptual Science Forum at Rutgers University:

Cholewiak, S.A., & Tan, H.Z. (2008, May). Haptic identification and information transfer of stiffness and force magnitude. Poster session presented at the 2nd Annual Rutgers Perceptual Science Forum, New Brunswick, NJ.

Boodle – A stolen iPhone locator

I recently purchased an iPhone and have wanted software that not only gave location information, like Erica Sadun’s wonderful findme software (or my, ahem, GPS projects), and sent phone information, like Fuel’s great WeeGee anti-theft package, but combined the tools into a more robust tracking utility. In other words, I wanted both location and information tracking in my iPhone. So, I set about combining the utilities into a script that will send location updates periodically to twitter and will email me with call history, SMS history, web history, location, and pictures if it is stolen. Cool!

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Connection Cloud Back Up

Ok, so my last post was a little premature. I was able to modify the source code to get Connection Cloud back up and running! If you use Facebook, I always appreciate individuals trying out my applications (such as Connection Cloud) and giving me feedback.

Connection Cloud Back Thumb

A snapshot of my social network on Facebook.  Red circles are girls, Blue circles are boys, and Black circles are undefined (i.e., the individual’s privacy settings disallow 3rd party information acquisition)

Connection Cloud Down

Unfortunately, there was a code change over at Facebook and my Connection Cloud application was broken. It was causing errors left and right, so I disabled it so that I could try to debug the problem (hence why it is no-longer accessible). I have had so much work as a first year graduate student that I have been unable to focus on the Connection Cloud application and fix it. Hopefully I will have some time this winter break to look at the code (along with focusing on other prior commitments); however, I cannot guarantee that I will have the free time to get it fully debugged and working in the short-term.