Bionic Band – $0.22 of Silicone

Turns out that one of the manufacturers of the “Bionic Band” has unintentionally outed it as being a $0.22 piece of silicone. If you haven’t seen the “Bionic Band” or the multitude of “power enhancing” silicon bands in stores, mall kiosks, and online, it is basically snake oil that salesmen are pushing as a miracle cure for all sorts of ailments.

Unfortunately for the sales rep, one of the wholesale manufacturers posted a picture online of a set of bands they produced.  Check out Wristband Pricing (look under “Deboss-Fill Wristbands”, here’s a direct link to the image and a mirror).  Purchased in quantities, you can get them for $0.70/piece for a lot of 100, or as low as $0.22/piece for 20,000.  These currently sell for $29.95 on the BionicBand website (see here or mirror here).

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Repel DEET Numbers Game

Repel produces a number of DEET products intended to scare away those little flying buggers that seem to be everywhere on these warm summer nights. While walking through my local Target, I noticed that there were varying concentrations available for purchase at my local store (please excuse the hand-held photos):

23% DEET 40% DEET 100% DEET

After looking a bit closer at the labels though, I noticed something peculiar in the “Active Ingredient” list…

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