PIC18LF2550 Wireless 3-axis Accelerometer

Having a 2.4GHz Serial Link is helpful, but what kind of applications could it be utilized for? Well, I had a number of 1-axis accelerometers from Freescale (graciously provided by their samples department for my electronics lab projects), which I could use detect object orientation. Making the accelerometers wireless would allow for remote sensing of object orientation, which could be applied to virtual reality or possibly augmented cognition. In any case, it allows for some fun experimentation! Read More

PIC18LF2550 Wireless Servo Controller

I’ve wanted to make a remote control pantilt controller for my wireless camera for some time now. It can be used for remote monitoring, as a webcam, or for color/object tracking. The basis for a pan-tilt configuration is the PIC18LF2550 Wireless Servo Controller, which allows me to control two servos remotely with very little latency (a majority of which is due to the slow response of the hobby servos being used). Read More

PIC18LF2550 2.4GHz Serial Link

I wanted to make a wireless serial link that would allow me to send and receive data between Microchip PIC microcontrollers and a computer. I found some very useful information and some helpful code for utilizing a Laipac TRW-24G 2.4GHz wireless transceiver with a PIC16F88 as a wireless serial link. The PIC16F88 is a nice little chip that provides a number of useful features (including an onboard USART and the ability to use a bootloader). I am a fan of the PIC16F88; however, I believe that the PIC18 series are much more robust, so I created a circuit that would allow much more flexibility in design and deployment. This project is a relatively simple circuit that utilizes a PIC18LF2550 microcontroller and the Laipac TRW-24G 2.4GHz transceiver to create a wireless serial link. Read More