PIC16F628 Serial 4 LED PWM DR1r6

I’ve been working on a project in my spare time with two friends to create some ambient light controllers, so I thought I’d just post two short videos to demonstrate the current state of the project.  In the current iteration, they can be used as wall-washers or they can be enclosed to create ambient light cubes/spheres/pentagonal cupolas/rhombo-hexagonal dodecahedrons/etc.  Each module is addressable and uses a PIC16F628 to control each of the RGB LEDs (which were purchased from the eBay seller jeledhk with the description “Superflux RGB 5mm R/H LEDLamp 8Kmcd COMMON CATHODE”).  The PCBs were created using BatchPCB.com for $5 each (+ ~$15 total for S&H and setup) and are beautifully etched, drilled, and silkscreened (although it took about 1.5 months to receive them).  Ok, less talk, more videos; one video on the front page and another after the jump:

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  1. Hello,
    I am just wondering how to do it. I am running a bar and i would like to have such a thing in it. Would you be so kind and send me some schemes or hints? I really appreciate your work. I am not an expert in technics. What is that program you run your LEDs with?
    I am looking forward to your reply.

  2. i´m very interested in your proyect, i have a small sign shop in mexico an i think that i can use your design for some letters that we make

    hope that you can help me with this, one important thing is taht the system once programed it can work by it own
    tanks in advance

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