9,5° (“unstable” chair)

My research on the perception of stability often leads me down roads (especially on the information superhighway) that turn up very interesting objects and projects. 9,5° by B°Fex is one of those projects that makes you do a double-take.

From the designer:

The chair is tilted at 9,5 degrees. By tilting the chair and then elevating one end of the seat back to a straight angle, a triangle was created. This actually made the construction stronger and reduced the need for a stabilising cross rod.
In conclusion, it’s not always wrong to be wrong. The deconstruction of the original design served a higher purpose.

B°Fex also created a fantastic “unstable” table (8,5°) that compliments the chair:

8,5° is a work table designed for the chair 9,5°, created in the same mindset as the chair.
When the table is tilted at exactly 8,5 degrees, the transverse pin meet the tabletop which makes a very strong construction. The table tilts opposite to the chair, for visual balance.

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