Puff Pastries with Blueberry Compote

Ok, so this post is not shape or electronics related, but still a fun little side project. Since I started working at Justus-Liebig-Universität in Gießen, Germany as a postdoc, my wife and I have cooked as much homemade food as possible. Germany is full of fantastic, inexpensive, and fresh ingredients, so we want to take advantage of whatever is available seasonally.

This week, blueberries were on sale, 0,49€ for 200g, and puff pastry dough is really inexpensive as well, 0,69€ for a sheet. So, here’s my first attempt at a “foodie” video demonstrating how I made puff pastries with fresh blueberry compote, with CC-licensed music by Jill Zimmerman.

The only thing “major thing” missing from the demo was how the dough was cut and formed into its pre-filled shape. The really simple method is illustrated in this video (method is shown starting at approx. 7m25s, until approx. 7m45s):

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