Transitioning to a blog

I’ve been contemplating changing the format of my website to a blog for quite some time. It’s taken some self-motivation on my behalf, but I’ve finally taken the plunge. There are a number of features that I’ve wanted, but haven’t included until now, including:

  • Comments
  • Uniform style
  • Efficient categorization
  • Ease of content creation
  • RSS

This format is new and different for me (I’ve been hand-coding all of my pages up until this point), so please excuse any formatting and stylistic issues. I’m going to redirect all of my older pages to the new posts, so hopefully there won’t be any issues with broken links. As always, I appreciate any and all feedback, so please free to let me know if the website looks horrendous or if there are any typos that pop-up.

One thought to “Transitioning to a blog”

  1. salut
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