6 thoughts to “High Voltage Flyback Transformer Videos”

  1. Cool videos, is there no chance of the transformer self destructing when it arcing for that length of time? Did the transformer get quite hot?

  2. The transformer actually stays quite cool. The driving transistor, on the other hand, gets extremely hot. I have a large passive heatsink (2″ x 0.5″ x 3″) on the IRL530 right now which is more than sufficient when driving the flyback with 5V-12V, but heats up quickly when driven at 24V.

  3. Kick Ass!
    Now A question,
    How much of the sound in the videos is real, air vibration, and not just EM interference hitting the microphone magnet?
    Oh and please remind me not to play with that stuff because it just looks like too much fun right now…
    *ZORCH* Hehehe…

  4. Many of your videos
    ‘s and pictures contain the dreaded (red X). Using IE 6.02Sp2.

    What do I need to do to view these? Very nice site!!!!!

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